Change Log For V3.2

The change log for the previous version (V3.1) is here.

3 29-Aug-04 SCP and libraries:
  • Added ECHO command (from Dave Bryan)
  • Qualified RESTORE detach with SIM_SW_REST
  • Added missing sim_sock.h definition for OS/2 (from Holger Veit)


  • Changed CPU error stops to report PC not PC + 1 (from Dave Bryan)
  • DP functional and timing fixes (from Dave Bryan):
  • - controller sets ATN for all commands except read status
  • - controller resumes polling for ATN interrupts after read status
  • - check status on unattached drive set busy and not ready
  • - check status tests wrong unit for write protect status
  • - drive on line sets ATN, will set FLG if polling
  • Fixed CLC to DR to stop operation (from Dave Bryan)
  • MS functional and timing fixes (from Dave Bryan)
  • - fixed erroneous execution of rejected command
  • - fixed erroneous execution of select-only command
  • - fixed erroneous execution of clear command
  • - fixed odd byte handling for read
  • - fixed spurious odd byte status on 13183A EOF
  • - modified handling of end of medium
  • - added detailed timing, with fast and realistic modes
  • - added reel sizes to simulate end of tape
  • - added debug printouts
  • MT modified handling of end of medium (from Dave Bryan)
  • Added tab to TTY control char set (from Dave Bryan)


  • Fixed EMODD/EMODG to probe second longword of quadword destination
  • RQ controllers luns start at 0 (from Andreas Cejna)
2 17-Jul-04 SCP and libraries:
  • Fixed problem ATTACHing to read-only files (found by John Dundas)
  • Fixed problems in Windows terminal code (found by Dave Bryan)
  • Fixed problem in big-endian reads (reported by Scott Bailey)


  • Updated MSR to include SOV
  • Updated EAO to include additional functions

HP2100 (from Dave Bryan)

  • Generalized control character handling for console terminal

VAX: Fixed bad block initialization routine

1 10-Jul-04 SCP and libraries: Added SET/SHOW CONSOLE subhierarhcy

HP2100 (most fixes and enhancements from Dave Bryan):

  • Added instruction printout to HALT message
  • Added M and T internal registers
  • Added N, S, and U breakpoints
  • SBT increments B after store
  • DMS console map must check dms_enb
  • SFS x,C and SFC x,C work
  • MP violation clears automatically on interrupt
  • SFS/SFC 5 is not gated by protection enabled
  • DMS enable does not disable mem prot checks
  • DMS status inconsistent at simulator halt
  • Examine/deposit are checking wrong addresses
  • Physical addresses are 20b not 15b
  • Revised DMS to use memory rather than internal format
  • Revised IBL facility to conform to microcode
  • Added DMA EDT I/O pseudo-opcode
  • Separated DMA SRQ (service request) from FLG
  • Revised peripherals to make SFS x,C and SFC x,C work
  • Revised boot ROMs to use IBL facility
  • Revised IBL treatment of SR to preserve SR<5:3>
  • Fixed LPS, LPT timing
  • Fixed DP boot interpretation of SR<0>
  • Revised DR boot code to use IBL algorithm
  • Fixed TTY input behavior during typeout for RTE-IV
  • Suppressed nulls on TTY output for RTE-IV
  • Added SFS x,C and SFC x,C to print/parse routines
  • Fixed spurious overrun on magtape read into short buffer

PDP11 and VAX peripherals:

  • Fixed bug in autoconfigure (found by John Dundas)
  • Added DHQ11 (from John Dundas)
  • Fixed bug in TK50 error reporting (reported by Lyle Bickley)
  • Fixed TK70 model number and media ID (found by Robert Schaffrath)

VAX: fixed bug in DIVBx, DIVWx (reported by Peter Trimmel)

0 04-Apr-04 SCP and libraries:
  • Added SET/SHOW DEBUG commands
  • Added SET/SHOW <device> DEBUG commands
  • Added SHOW <device> MODIFIERS command
  • Added SHOW <device> RADIX command
  • Fixed double logging of SHOW BREAK (found by Mark Pizzolato)
  • Added sim_vm_parse_addr and sim_vm_fprint_addr optional interfaces
  • Added REG_VMAD flag
  • Fixed REG_VMIO implementation
  • Split SCP into separate libraries
  • Further generalizations of Ethernet support (Dave Hittner, Mark Pizzolato)

All DECtapes:

  • Added control for DECtape off-reel message

LGP: Added LGP-30/LGP-21 simulator


  • Fixed bug in floating point unpack
  • Fixed bug in FIXR (found by Phil Stone, fixed by Chris Smith)


  • Added formatting, increment inhibit support to RK11
  • Fixed bug in RQ interrupt control (found by Tom Evans)
  • Added DEUNA/DELUA support (from Dave Hittner)
  • Added DZ per-line logging

PDP-10: added DEUNA support (from Dave Hittner)


  • Added extended memory support and firmware (from Mark Pizzolato)
  • Added RXV21 support
  • Fixed fault behaviors in EXTxV and INSV


  • Fixed bug in XVM g_mode implementation
  • Fixed bug in PDP-15 indexed mode address calculation
  • Fixed bug in PDP-15 autoincrement mode address calculation
  • Fixed bugs in FP15 instruction decoding
  • Fixed clock response to CAF
  • Fixed XVM instruction symbolic encode/decode bugs
  • Added support for PDP-9 LT09 (1-4 additional Teletypes)
  • Added support for PDP-15 LT19 (1-16 additional Teletypes)


  • Fixed device enable/disable support (found by Bruce Ray)
  • Added ALM/QTY asynchronous multiplexors (from Bruce Ray)

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