Change Log For V3.1

The change log for the previous version (V3.0) is here.

0 15-Dec-03 Telnet console: added congestion detection and retry to SCP and all asynchronous consoles

Ethernet library (from Dave Hittner, Mark Pizzolato, Anders Ahgren):

  • Added Alpha/VMS support
  • Added FreeBSD, Mac OS/X support
  • Added TUN/TAP support
  • Added DECnet duplicate error detection

All DECtapes:

  • Fixed reverse checksum in read all
  • Added DECtape off-reel message
  • Simplified timing

PDP-10: Fixed bugs in console output and printer scheduling


  • Formalized bus/addressing models
  • Added second (stub) Unibus Ethernet controller


  • Fixed bug in I/O configuration (found by Charles Hittner)
  • Revised RQ MB->LBN conversion for greater accuracy
  • Fixed bug with multiple RQ RAUSER drives
  • Fixed bugs in setup
  • Added autoconfigure enable/disable


  • Added TSC8-75 support
  • Added TD8E support
  • Added instruction history capability
  • Fixed RX28 read status (found by Charles Dickman)
  • Fixed RX28 double density write


  • Added DMA/DMC capability
  • Added fixed head disk support
  • Added moving head disk support
  • Added magtape support
  • Added DMA/DMC capability to line printer


  • Fixed bug in PDP-4/7/9 autoincrement
  • Added instruction history capability
  • Changed PDP-9/15 API default to enabled

IBM 1620:

  • Fixed bug in branch digit (found by Dave Babcock)
  • Fixed bug in printer scheduling

Interdata 32b: added instruction history capability

Nova/Eclipse (all from Charles Owen):

  • Added Eclipse floating point support
  • Added Eclipse programmable interval timer support
  • Fixed Eclipse CIS and MMPU bugs
  • Fixed bugs in Eclipse instruction decoding
  • Added Eclipse LEA support for symbolic assembly/disassembly
  • Added Eclipse examine/deposit virtual support
  • Fixed bug in DKP flag clearing
  • Added DKP multiple map support, fixed bug in map use
  • Added DKP diagnostic mode support for disk sizing
  • Fixed bug in MT, rewinds are not stopped by IO reset

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