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Handheld Quake

Here you can download the latest version of Handheld Quake [Version 6.1 from 23.05.2004].
You can see some screenshots of simulator:


Handheld Quake (aka HQ) is a simulator of soviet, russian and foreign handheld games. It is available for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP.


The program currently simulates:

Russian games:
  • Mysteries of the ocean
  • Just you wait!
  • Merry cook
  • Explorers of space
  • Autoslalom
  • Merry arithmetics
  • Space flight
  • Fisher tom-cat
  • Hockey
  • Fowling
  • Space bridge
Nintendo games:
  • Chef
  • Egg
  • Octopus
  • Fire
  • Mickey Mouse


Recommended hardware:
Processor: Pentium 166 Mhz and higher.
Memory: 16 Mb and more.
Video: Any 16/24/32-bit video mode, any video accelerator.
DirectDraw are also required.
DirectSound is recomended but not required.

What is new

HQ 6.1
1. Changes in Credits page, added "Pause" button.
2. Add new translation to Serbian language (cyrillic and latin scripts).

HQ 6.0
1. Added "Up" and "Down" buttons to Instructions page.
2. Added "Space bridge" game.

HQ 5.1
1. Small changes.
2. Added "Hunt" game.

HQ 5.0
1. I fully rewrited loading files from archives – programme loads faster.
2. Fixed indicator segments resizing bug.
3. Changed speed of picture resizing – programme loads faster.
4. Added "Explorers of space" game (Soviet version).
5. Added sample, which sounds after game over in IM-02 series games.
6. Added mouse wheel support for scrolling game list.
7. Added "Hockey" game.


Hit the download link to download English and Russian version of Handheld Quake [Version 6.1 from 23.05.2004] (4.0 Mb).

Notice: You should extract the archive to the empty directory, i.e. without old version.

Also you can download an additional language support files for the standard English version. Just download one or more of this files and copy them to the Base folder (where lays Base.phq file from standard English version):

Italian (221 Kb) Translator Luca Antignano

Spanish (215 Kb) Translator Jesus Basco Lopez

German (278 Kb) Translator Constantine Golota

Polish (283 Kb) Translator Wiktor Zychla

Ukrainian (299 Kb) Translator Andriy Slezenko

Dutch (201 Kb) Translator Inge Bleyen

French (217 Kb) Translator Constantine Golota

Esperanto (271 Kb) Translator Constantine Golota

Ido (224 Kb) Translator Constantine Golota

Interlingua (222 Kb) Translator Constantine Golota

Greek (277 Kb) Translator GreekRoms (Vag)

Serbian (Latin) (250 Kb) Translator Rade Martinovic

Serbian (Cyrillic) (250 Kb) Translator Rade Martinovic

Hungarian (267 Kb) Translator Qwak (Levai Attila)


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