PDP-9 Simulator Configuration

The PDP-9, introduced in 1967, was DEC's fourth 18-bit computer system. It was upward compatible from the PDP-7, introducing a more advanced form of memory management. A cost-reduced version, the PDP-9/L, was introduced in 1968.


Option Description Capacity
CPU and memory         PDP-9 4KW - 32KW
CPU options KE09A EAE, extended arithmetic element       
KG09A memory extension control
KP09A power fail detection
KX09A memory protection control
Console KSR-33 Teletype
Additional terminals LT09 and KSR-33 Teletypes 1-4 lines
Paper tape PC09A paper tape reader and punch
Real time clock integral
Line printer Type 647E line printer (sixbit ASCII)
LP09 line printer (sevenbit ASCII)
DECtape TC02/TU55 DECtape 148KW
Disk RF09/RS09 fixed head disk 2.1MW
RB09 fixed head disk 1MW
Magnetic tape TC59 magnetic tape (9 track only)

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