PDP-4 Simulator Configuration

The PDP-4, introduced in 1963, was DEC's second (and second 18-bit) computer system. It simplified both the instruction set and I/O architecture of the PDP-1 in order to reduce cost. About 45 PDP-4's were built.

Photographs (courtesy of Digital Equipment Corporation):

Option Description Capacity
CPU and memory           PDP-4 4KW - 8KW
CPU options Type 18 EAE, Extended Arithmetic Element
Memory 4K - 8K, 18b words
Console Type 65 KSR-28 Teletype (Baudot code)          
Paper tape integral paper tape reader
Type 75 paper tape punch
Real time clock integral
Line printer Type 62 line printer (Hollerith code)
DECtape Type 550/555 DECtape 148KW
Drum Type 24 serial drum 131KW

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