Change Log For V3.8

The change log for the previous version (V3.7) is here.

0 15-Jun-2008 SCP and libraries:
  • Fixed bug in local/global register search (found by Mark Pizzolato)
  • Fixed bug in restore of RO units (from Mark Pizzolato)
  • Added SET/SHO/NO BR with default argument (from Dave Bryan)
  • Worked around Telnet negotiation problem with QCTerm (from Dave Bryan)


  • Added GRI-99 support

HP2100 (all changes from Dave Bryan):

  • Implemented 12966A Buffered Asynchronous Communications Interface simulator
  • Added SET CPU DEBUG and OS/VMA flags, enabled OS/VMA
  • Corrected MP W5 (JSB) jumper action, SET/SHOW reversal, mp_mevff clear on interrupt with I/O instruction in trap cell
  • Removed DBI support from 1000-M (was temporary for RTE-6/VM)
  • Enabled EMA and VIS, added EMA, VIS, and SIGNAL debug flags
  • Enabled SIGNAL instructions, SIG debug flag
  • Fixed single stepping through interrupts
  • Implemented VMA, OS, VIS, SIGNAL, and EMA firmware extensions
  • Fixed unsigned divide bug in .DDI
  • Fixed unsigned multiply bug in .DMP
  • Fixed B register return bug in /CMRT
  • DS disk: corrected and verified ioCRS action
  • MUX: sync mux poll with console poll for idle compatibility
  • PTR: fixed trailing null counter for tape re-read
  • CLK: synchronized CLK with TTY if set for 10 msec.
  • TTY: changed TTY output wait from 100 to 200 for MSU BASIC

Nova (all changes from Bruce Ray):

  • Added CPU support for third-party 64KW memory
  • Added CPU history support
  • Renamed CLK to RTC, to match DG literature
  • Renamed DK to DKP, to match DG literature
  • Changed DKP bootstrap to DG official sequence
  • Rename DP to DSK, to match DG literature
  • Changed DSK bootstrap to DG official sequence
  • Renamed MT to MTA, to match DG literature
  • Changed MTA bootstrap to DG official sequence


  • Fixed DMA memory address limit test (found by John Dundas)
  • Fixed MMR0 treatment in RESET (found by Walter Mueller)
  • Fixed write behavior of 11/70 MBRK, LOSIZE, HISIZE (found by Walter Mueller)
  • Added support to set default state of KDJ11B,E clock control register
  • Added support for DC11
  • Added support for KE11A
  • Added support for KG11A (from John Dundas)
  • Added support for RC11 (from John Dundas)
  • Added modem control to DL11
  • Rename TTIX/TTOX to DLI/DLO, to match DC11 nomenclature

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